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Frequently Asked Questions

When are cookie dough orders due?

All cookie dough orders should be placed through the online ordering website or order forms handed in to a member of the Sovereign Community Outreach team by April 1, 2024. Cookies dough orders that are purchased by cash or check should be made using order forms provided in the dojo. Orders paying by credit card should use the "Order Now" button on this webpage. The "Order Now" button will redirect you to an ordering site where your order will be processed and/or make a donation to our fundraiser.

When can I expect my cookie dough order to arrive?

Cookie dough orders should arrive on or around April 15, 2024. Pick up dates and times will be shared with everyone once the orders have arrived.

What if I sell cookie dough to my friends and family? How will they receive their cookie dough?

Once the cookie dough has arrived at the dojo, pick up dates and times will be communicated to all. If you sold cookie dough to friends and family, you can pick up your cookie dough at the designated dates/times and deliver the cookie dough to your friends and family who ordered.

What if I have friends and family who want to help our fundraiser but either do not want cookie dough or are too far away to delivery cookie dough to?

Friends and family who want to help but are either too far away to deliver cookie dough to or they are not interested in cookie dough can still use the "Order Now" button and donate to the cause through the ordering website. They are not required to make a purchase. Remember that donations are tax deductible.

What if someone would like to make a donation using a method other than a credit card?

Cash and check donations can be made in person at the dojo or mailed to:

Sovereign Community Outreach

PO Box 9

New Wilmington, PA 16142

Donations can also be made through Paypal by clicking here

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