Making a difference

We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where children can learn discipline, gain self-confidence, and develop into resilient individuals who can overcome challenges and positively contribute to their communities.


Sovereign Community Outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and transform underprivileged children through martial arts and youth development, providing them with the tools, skills, and support necessary to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally to gain the edge and become effective leaders in society to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

  • Youth Development

  • Become effective leaders

  • Education and Skills Development

  • Summer Camp

Changing Lives

We believe that every child is born with the opportunity to become high performers and deserves the opportunity to benefit from our programs, regardless of their financial circumstances.



Youth learn to never give up even in the face of adversity.



Teach our youth respect for themselves, families, and community.



Give youth the confidence to know they can succeed in anything they put their mind to.

How can you help?

There are several ways you can help


Help us to offer scholarships and financial assistance to children from low-income backgrounds


Donate to help support the cause or partially sponsor a child.


Become part of the team to help support our programs and events

How we accomplish our mission

A focus on the skills to help every child succeed in life

Life Skills

Life skills help you to live life two ways, when you feel like it and when you don't. Our program teaches our youth to use certain life skills that will enable them to recognize patterns that will keep them moving with power, motivation, energy and enthusiasm.

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Core Value

Our programs teach our youth to internalize the core values that will help them to become high performers without interruption in their daily living.

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Healthy and Fit

We teach and instill the values of being fit and healthy in all our students. Each student will understand the difference between physically fit, emotionally fit, mentally fit, and spiritually fit.

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We help our students build their personal vision within our program. Their vision will align with their core values and identity. This will give them a renewed and fresh look at their life, giving them direction, speed and great desire to fulfill their personal vision, therefore, leading them to live out their destiny.

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Interpersonal Development

Every student that comes in will begin to see themselves improving their identity or realizing their identity of who they are and why they're here.

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We use several tools to develop the student's leadership in the areas of communication, discipline, confidence, belief and martial arts.

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Mind and Affirmation

We teach our students to develop a mindset that they have the belief that anything, their capacity or abilities can be improved, developed, and sustained with effort.

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Reaching their full potential

We provide the youth with access to high-quality martial arts training and leadership development programs. Through personalized attention and a commitment to excellence, we aim to empower young people to achieve their full potential and become strong, confident leaders in their communities and Building Champions 4 Life!

Services and Programs Offered

Sovereign Community Outreach is focusing on martial arts and youth development for

underprivileged children offer the following services or programs:

  • Summer Camp

  • Martial Arts Training

  • Academic Support

  • Life Skills Development

  • Fitness and Nutrition Education

  • Leadership and Character Building

  • Community Engagement and Outreach

  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • Progress Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Leadership and Character Building

  • Community Engagement and Outreach

  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  • Progress Monitoring and Evaluation

Sovereign Community Outreach

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